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Acrylic Pour Painting Techniques

Acrylic Pours Painting is about a mix of colors where patterns and designs are formed by how paints are mixed and poured. This Pour art creates stunning artwork made through only paints and not brush! It is always nice to have some guidance when you are at a learning stage. I’ve created this guide to help you with the most common techniques used in acrylic pour painting, also know as fluid painting.  Acrylic Pouring Recipe All the pouring techniques need the same material. The three main supplies you need are paint, medium, and water. If you are trying to achieve something in particular, like more cells or fewer cells, the ingredients will change slightly. There are many ratios in which you can mix the paint. Here is a basic acrylic pouring recipe.    Floetrol - 2 parts         Acrylic paint - 1 part    Distilled water - 1 part    Silicone - a few drops  if required If possible, avoid hard water, and tap water as mineral content will act differently and change the way paint floats,

Acrylic Pouring - Cell Creation Guide

Acrylic pour cells add a glamorous look and feel to the painting. The tiny, small, and large cells in various shapes are formed naturally and also artificially coaxed. But cell creation is not about just mixing some paints and pouring them out.  Randomness and the strange ways in which colors interact with each other captivates the audience. What causes cells in acrylic pouring? Whenever there's a difference in density between the paint colors, cells are formed. The number of cells, size of cells are mainly dependent on the difference in the pigment densities of these colors. The primary ways of attaining Pour Painting cells are: By varying the density of paint By Silicone oil By using Pouring Medium By using the flashlight method By varying the density of paint The optimal way of producing cells in your acrylic pour is by varying the consistency and density of the paint. Every paint color has a specific density/weight. You should know the density of each paint before you begin. N

Acrylic Pouring Guide for Beginners

Acrylic Pouring is a fun method to create beautiful abstract art. You do not need any art background or prior art experience to do this painting. Even if you’ve never painted before, don't be shy to try, you will enjoy it! This article lets us go through all the supplies and how-to methods one must know before starting with Acrylic Pour Painting. In This Tutorial, you will learn What Is Acrylic Pouring?  What all supplies do you require  Type of Paints  What is a Pouring Medium? Pour Techniques in short Prepare a Canvas for Acrylic Pouring Step-by-Step Instructions for How to Do an Acrylic Pour Painting Pour Painting Ratio What is Acrylic Pouring or Fluid Art? Acrylic Pouring is a painting technique where acrylic paint is mixed with a pouring medium. This liquid is poured onto a canvas or any surface in various ways to create mesmerizing swirls in unique designs.  The colors from each cup are poured onto the surface to create stunning abstract designs. Sometimes the colors are als