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How to Sign a Painting

An artist's signature on the artwork is more important than you think. When you sign a painting, it shows that you are taking ownership of the artwork. People can quickly identify you as the artist even after the painting has been sold and moved  worldwide. Signed art pieces are fundamental for many reasons like  It indicates the painting is complete and ready to hang or for sale Signature tells about you as an artist You receive the credit you deserve If any copyright issues arise, having a signature will help If the artwork hangs in someone's house, people would often ask the owner about the artist. The owner may not remember the artist name When you're not around to spot your artwork(one cannot be here forever!), signature defines it for you Ignoring the significance of your signature may result in all kinds of problems in the future work. Two major signature problems that often occur are: 1. No Signature  Many artists nowadays don't even bother to sign their artwo