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How to Appreciate Art when You're not an Artist

'Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. '- EDGAR DEGAS. Collecting and viewing a work of art is one of the many joys, along with understanding what it means. Art is a form of expression that allows the viewers to view, get inspired, or learn.  The artist aesthetically tells a story  through art that is pleasing to the eye. Every artist deserves appreciation and recognition for their work.   A person familiar with art will often know how to decode and discuss art. On the other hand for someone who has never studied art or has zero art background, it will be tricky to understand and appreciate the art and the artist. Do you like the art but not sure how to compliment the artist? Fear not, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will study the basics of understanding art (painting here). So, next time you see an art piece, you can interpret, discuss and appreciate the art. What are the things that you should be first looking at in a painting?  Look

How to Prime a Canvas for Acrylics

What is Gesso? Gesso is a medium that artists use to prime a canvas. It is a combination of paint and binder, like acrylic paint but thinner. It dries hard, which makes the surface stiffer and gives the right absorbency for the paints. Due to a good base, there is almost no chance of the paint chipping off, and hence artwork work can last for years. Gesso prepares (or primes) the surface for painting, making it slightly textured, so canvas can rightly accept the paint. Applying gesso is very easy. The surface gets strong color adherence and stability after gesso is applied. Before you start painting, check whether the canvas is ready enough to paint? Only a primed canvas creates a perfect base and texture for the painting to last many years.  When the surface is primed, it is ready with the right absorbency for any application. It adds a high level of a tooth (rough texture) to the surface, gliding the paint smoothly.  How do you check if the canvas is primed or not?  Many of the stret

Art Paint Brushes – The Ultimate Guide

  What will a magician do without the magic wand! Likewise, what will an artist do without the paintbrush ! A paintbrush is a crucial tool for it gives life to their imagination. Every artist has an approach that is in line with their character making their art unique. How you manoeuvred the paintbrush to create the magic spell in the painting?  An artist knows what kind of brush is needed to bring out their style in the painting . Hence, they choose their brush very carefully!   Today paintbrushes come in many shapes, sizes, and bristle types—and all of these qualities can be either a help or a distraction to an artist. If you are beginner and not sure what type of brushes to use, do not worry!. This article will help you learn about different types of paintbrushes, how are they used and how to take care of them. First, understand the different parts of a paintbrush. Tip : This can be rounded, pointed, curved, or flat. Belly : The bristles are either made from natural or synthetic