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Color Theory

Color brings life to almost everything under the sun! The language of colors is the most common language used without realizing it. We use color codes every day in our life and each color plays an important role. The most powerful tool for visual communication is colors. They have the power to express thoughts, influence mood, and influence decision-making. When you start painting, you realize choosing the right color scheme is one of the most important steps of the process. The chosen color scheme will express your ideas and give life to the artwork by adding vibrant pigments and completing the look and feel of your painting. Several color choices are available, whether you choose a color for painting a wall, furniture, house, brand, logo, or anything similar. How do you make the right choice? Picking the right color from the options available is a tiresome task if you are unaware of the basics. The basics of understanding color is `Color Theory`. Let us see understand the color t

Viscosity of Acrylic Paint

Painting is not just about colors but choosing the right type of paint is equally important as choosing the right color scheme for artwork. Acrylics are the most versatile paints available in different consistency.  Paint's resistance in spreading on the surface is known as Paint's viscosity. In simple terms, viscosity is the measure of a fluid’s ability to resist the flow. The paint's viscosity will decide how much pressure you must apply on the brush to retain the movement for interesting effects. Every paint viscosity has their purpose. The right viscosity paints help the artist in bringing their imagination to life, else it might work against them. Hence, choose the right color with the right viscosity for your application. Different paint viscosity is designed for different use. Due to the different consistency, they are sold in jars (heavy body), tubes (soft body), and bottles (high flow inks). For example, heavy body paint is ideal for impasto and texture work; soft

Acrylic Painting Tips for Artists

Are you working with acrylics? This article is about best tips one should keep in mind while painting with acrylics. Few of these tricks can also be treated as  acrylic painting techniques . 1. Good Composition Create a composition that is visually appealing to the viewer. It holds the viewer’s attention and lets the viewer’s eye move around the whole picture. One of the simple ways to do it is to pick a piece of cardboard and cut a rectangular window in the middle. Now close one eye and check your composition through this window. It helps in composing your drawing and painting. A well-designed composition in painting will lead the viewer’s eye right directly to it. The prime area of interest in the painting is known as the focal point. Create a focal point anywhere but not directly in the middle of the canvas. Focal points can also contrast the lightest and darkest values near each other, engaging the viewer. 2. Rule of Thirds The Rule of Thirds states that to make the image loo